September 24, 2020

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    Nissan Motors have been working hard to improve the safety equipment provided with their cars in order to lessen the damage caused by mishaps. Nissan has developed new innovative technologies that can help correct the driver’s mistakes which lead to car accidents. Some of these are Predictive Forward Collision Warning system, Multi-sensing system with Rear camera, Acceleration suppression for pedal Misapplication. All these features help avoid accidents by assisting the driver in various ways.

    The Predictive Forward Collision Warning system keeps track of the speed and distance of the vehicles in the front of the car. If the driver is going too fast then the system will signal the driver that the car needs to be decelerated and automatically tighten the seat belt.The warning is given in the form of a buzzer, and on the on-screen display. Nissan developed this system in order to avoid the pileup accidents that occur frequently.
    The Multi sensing system with the Rear Camera has been provided to notify the driver of possible collision with other automobiles, obstacles and people on the sides and rear of the car. It will also give relevant information about the road conditions around the car.

    The last feature the Acceleration Suppression for Pedal Misapplication is particularly useful in confined areas where sometimes accidents are caused due to the driver mistakenly pressing the accelerator pedal instead of the brake. The Around View Monitor gathers images from four cameras and processes the data to recognize whether the car is on the road or a car park. The cameras also effectively sense obstacles and apply the brakes in case collision seems imminent.

    Nissan Motors has revealed that these amazing safety features will be provided with all their new cars from next year. They have also said that more effort needs to be put into these safety systems in order to make them even more effective.


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