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Nokia, Daimler, others agreed to mediation to resolve a licensing dispute

Nokia, Daimler, and several auto parts suppliers have agreed to independent mediation to find a solution for their technology licensing dispute, the Finnish telecoms equipment maker stated on Thursday.

The move, if it leads to a successful result, could stave off a possible EU antitrust investigation after complaints by Daimler, Bury Technologies, Continental, Valeo and Thales-owned Gemalto to the European Commission.

The Finnish telecoms equipment maker and Daimler had a hard time to decide who should apply and pay royalties on technologies key to navigation to systems, vehicle communications, and self-driving vehicles.

“We expect the mediation to take place soon and look forward to constructive dialogue with all parties with the aim of reaching an amicable and definitive resolution,” Nokia stated.

It made the mediation proposal recently and also offered to negotiate with auto parts makers in place of Daimler, a move welcomed by European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

Nokia’s usual practice is to license its technologies at the car level, on the other hand, Daimler states component makers should also be able to apply for them.

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