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Opel releases Insignia & Insignia Country Tourer footage, highlights new IntelliLink system

Opel has recently released new details about the 2014 Insignia and Insignia Country Tourer which are expected to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Both the models will come fitted with a new IntelliLink infotainment system that was designed to offer clear, simple and intuitive operation. The system features an 8-inch touchscreen display which provides easy access to common functions such as the radio, telephone and navigation system. That’s not enough; it can even store up to sixty different favorites for telephone contacts, radio stations and navigation destinations.

More importantly, the IntelliLink system features a touchpad input, on the center console, which recognizes handwriting and reacts immediately to the movements of the finger. This allows for a variety of novel features that include fast swiping (ie: a two-finger swiping motion changes the audio source, while a three-finger swipe brings up the favorites list), pinch-to-zoom (for the navigation display) and easy entry of navigation destinations.

Not much detail is available about the performance of the models currently but the same is expected to be launched soon or probably when the launch date comes nearer. The Frankfurt Motor Show will be held in September in Germany.

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