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The new Pagani C9 also cal
led the Huayra is the new supercar from Pagani. As expected it reaches tremendous high speeds and has an incredible acceleration, which are 370km/h and 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds respectively. The design is made to reduce air friction, but also to reveal the beast that lies inside, and if I might add, is quite beautiful.

The 6L Mercedes AMV V12 engine produces 700 horsepower and a torque of 1.000 Nm. The enormous power and torque are transmitted to the wheels through a 7 speed sequential gearbox with a dual clutch.

The bodywork of the car is equipped with flaps and wings which automatically adjust their angle by using pieces of information like the speed, the tilt and the position of the throttle.

The new C9 has a length of 4.605 metres, a height of 1.169 metres, a width of 2.036 metres and weighs 1.350kg.  The price will start at $1,150,000 (it will be in the top ten most expensive cars in the world), and will be available for purchase starting spring 2012.


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