Peugeot & Citroen to adopt different strategies

In order to tackle falling sales, PSA Peugeot-Citroën is in the process of implementing a new strategy that will differentiate their upcoming models.

As part of the strategy, Peugeot will move upwards and try to attract traditional car buyers. Citroën, on the other hand, will have 2 lines one is the affordable “C” models and the other one is the upscale “DS” variants.

Citroën’s cheap thinking recently debuted on the C-Elysee sedan and is also likely to effect the the next-generation C4 Picasso which was sampled by the Technospace concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

It is still uncertain whether the different strategies will work, but PSA CEO is of the opinion that both the brands are bonding well and need to target different customers.

Let us see whether the strategy works and if it does then it will take them to a different level altogether.

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