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Kahn Design presents Matte Grey Jeep Wrangler

Kahn Design’s love and fascination for the Jeep Wrangler is very well known and the British tuner offers wide varieties of upgrade packages for the jeep. Recently, the tuner released a new upgraded version of the jeep – the Matte Gray Jeep.

The upgradation has been done for both three-door and five-door jeeps. The main purpose of the upgradation can be to improve the jeep performance and capabilities and still make it look as cool and elegant as Range Rover.

The exterior changes include brake calipers, color coded side rear panels, handles, fuel filler cap, colored door mirrors, LED daytime running lights, military smoked headlights, privacy tinted glass, to name a few. The wheels are 9 x 20-inch Kahn RS wheels which have been given the finishing of smoked black so that the color matches with the exterior body.

The interiors can be modified as per the customer requirements, but for this vehicle currently the tuner has fitted black and orange quilted leather upholstery.

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