Porsche Panamera in a new role, joins hotel fleet service

by Alex

The normal course of events that follows a pick up from the airport to the five star rated hotel that one puts up at has the Lincoln Town car as the pickup vehicle. This age old car of 30 years antecedent looks quite bland and not befitting the style that the modern day pick up should be associated with. The Gansevoort Group of Hotel have recognized this aspect and are using a Porsche Panamera 4S to add that much needed style and zing that befits those who walk out of a first class cabin and are headed to the five star comforts of the Gansevoort Group.

Starting August 15th the Manhattan Meatpacking District and Park Avenue South hotels in New York City would be using the Panamera for their transportation of guests. The facility includes both VIP airport transportation, as well as for in town ferry as well.

President and CEO of Porsche cars North America Mr. Detlev Von Platen says “We’re looking forward to transforming the perception of city driving for Gansevoort Hotel Group guests. Appreciating one of the world’s greatest cities from the spacious interior of a Porsche Panamera is a great way to increase your pulse rate without adding an iota of stress.”

The drive to the hotel or destination has its share or mix of options left to the guest’s choice. It could be a race to the finish type of sprint job albeit restricted to an extent by the permissible limits of the New York City, or it could be a leisurely scene capturing and enjoying drive. The fast mode of arrival at the hotel is not necessarily to be real fast given New York’s traffic congestion but there is always room for a next time in that case.

The closest rival to the Panamera is the Cayenne and the Panamera has crossed the 25,000 sales mark recently. The car is roomy enough and has ample trunk space too making it the most suitable car for the purpose of transporting guests to hotels and around.

Source: motorauthority

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