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Stellantis to move the assembly line of Grugliasco plant to Mirafiori

Stellantis will shift the assembly line of its Grugliasco plant to nearby Mirafiori in Turin, Italy, the automaker said on Monday, in a bid to boost efficiency.

The automaker will assign Mirafiori a new electrified platform for building Maserati sedans between 2022 and 2024, making Turin, where it already produces the electric 500.

Future production of the electric 500 is also confirmed in Turin, Stellantis said, after presenting the plan in Rome to the industry and labor ministers and unions.

All 1,100 employees and functions in Grugliasco will shift to Mirafiori by 2024 with no overall impact on jobs in the area, the automaker said.

Grugliasco, where Stellantis makes some Maserati models, is just four km away from Mirafiori. Its workers have often moved between the two sites when needed to.

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