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European Union to propose CO2 curbs to end petrol and diesel car sales

The European Union is going to propose measures on Wednesday, as part of a climate package, that concern the end of petrol and diesel vehicle sales within two decades, and speed up efforts a switch to electric propulsion.

Many automakers are already on the way to make investments in electrification, but they also want to know whether the EU will back them by creating public charging stations and when these vehicles will become mainstream.

The EU executive, the European Commission, is set to present a binding emission target that in effect makes it impossible to sell new fossil-fuel-powered vehicles in the 27-country bloc from either 2035 or 2040, according to sources knowledgeable with the discussions.

The current target of a 37.5% decline in CO2 emissions from present levels by 2030 is expected to be replaced by a decline of between 50% and 65%.

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