Volkswagen to shut coal-fired power stations at the main plant in Germany

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Volkswagen is closing two coal-fired power stations at its major plant in Wolfsburg, Germany and has rejected offers to sell them to slash the company’s carbon dioxide emissions, CEO Herbert Diess said on Friday. “I have already declined offers from several interested parties who wanted to purchase our old Wolfsburg coal plants and rebuild them […]

Meeting CO2 targets in 2020, 2021 a challenge, says Daimler CEO

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Daimler will not give up the profitability of next-generation electric vehicles, CEO Ola Kaellenius stated on Tuesday, as the automaker is having a somewhat hard time to meet more strict European Union anti-pollution rules. Ola Kaellenius Daimler will not give up the profitability of next-generation electric vehicles, CEO Ola Kaellenius stated on Tuesday, as the […]

General Motors wants Trump administration to support national electric vehicle program

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General Motors stated on Friday it wants the Trump administration to support a nationwide program to increase the sale of zero emission vehicles such as electric cars, even as the government has proposed ending California’s ability to need more clean vehicles. GM states a nationwide program modeled on California’s effort could bring 7 million electric […]

Germany rejects Bild report on Volkswagen petrol cars, no indication of fraud so far

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Germany’s Transport Ministry stated on Sunday there was no recent news in a Bild am Sonntag report that Volkswagen engineers informed investigators certain petrol engines in Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche automobiles can be used to manipulate emissions tests. The ministry informed to Reuters that the newspaper report pertained to accusations that the Federal Motor Transport […]

European Investment Bank asks French diesel inquiry to investigate Renault’s use of loans

European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank has asked investigators in France to discover whether 800 million euros ($ 863 million) of EU-backed loans to Renault might have been used to establish test-cheating diesel motor, according to files observed by Reuters. The European Union lending arm asked judges, leading a fraud investigation into preliminary findings that Renault diesel […]

German‎ watchdog suspected Volkswagen scam on CO2 emissions

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Germany’s motor market watchdog raised suspicions Volkswagen was using prototype vehicles to lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in tests in 2015 right after Volkswagen’s manipulation of diesel emissions tests was revealed, the Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported. It quoted the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) as informing Volkswagen in a November 2015 email it would choose […]

Dieter Zetsche doesn’t expect Trump to disadvantage European automakers

Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler

Daimler does not anticipate Donald Trump to prefer U.S. automakers over their European equivalents, the automaker’s CEO, Dieter Zetsche informed a German paper, brushing off issues over the president-elect’s protectionist rhetoric throughout his campaign. “I find it hard to believe that it would pertain to punitive tariffs,” Dieter Zetsche informed Bild am Sonntag in an […]