A record 107 million Americans or 43 percent adults have car loans

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car loans

Americans went on an enormous shopping spree for vehicles recently. Lots of them paid for their vehicles by getting a loan.

A record estimate of 107 million Americans have auto loan debt, as per the information provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That’s about 43% of the whole adult population in the country.

It’s an eye catching number. Auto loans have been proliferating. In early 2012, no more than 80 million Americans had auto loan. In fact, more Americans had home mortgages than automobile loans in that year. However all that has actually changed.

Now the number of car loans far exceeds home loans. It helps describe how auto makers have had every year of record sales. Auto sales notched another all-time high in last year, though recently the buying craze seems to be over.

Americans do not need to purchase new vehicles yearly, and a worrying number of people cannot afford to pay their car loans. There are 6 million individuals who are 90 days or more behind on their cars and truck payments, as per the data. That puts them in risk of having their vehicle repossessed.

Beth Yeager has seen the awful side of the auto loan boom first-hand. At the Salvation Army, Louisville, Kentucky, Yeager helps run the Pathway of Hope program for the poor. A great deal of single mothers with kids end up in her workplace in a bind. They can’t pay their auto loan, however if they lose their automobile, they frequently can’t get to work.

“This occurs to poor individuals over and over again,” Yeager informed CNNMoney, the frustration apparent in her voice. She despises car lots with the huge banners that say things like “Purchase here. Pay here. Easy credit.”

Much of the low-income people she works with don’t understand credit. They never ever had it before. They are so delighted they get approved for a car that they sign the documents, despite the fact that the rates of interest can be huge. She consistently sees rate of interest of more than 20%.

“As soon as a vehicle repossession goes on someone’s credit report, it impacts not only their capability to get another vehicle, but to get budget-friendly housing,” Yeager stated.

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