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2012 New VW Beetle Design Study

Lot of speculations are in the air regarding the Volkswagen’s intention on introducing a second generation of the New Beetle. Nevertheless, several independent designers from across the globe are not refraining from animadverting about their take on should be looks and appearances of the New 2012.

A Brazilian citizen named Eduardo Oliveira earlier penned the design study of a New Beetle Mk II. Eduardo was previously involved with and is remembered from previous concepts such as the Ford Thunderbird CC, Hyundai i30 Sedan, and 2012 Jetta. Oliveira’s design for the New/New Beetle is far more retro from the David Cordoso’s futuristic-looking proposal.

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4 thoughts on “2012 New VW Beetle Design Study

  1. This is awesome. You nailed it. I own a Beetle and a New Beetle, and if they made a “New New Beetle” that looked anything like this, I’d buy one of them for sure!

  2. WoW! Looks like a PT Looser–or a NEON! Why can’t they (VW ENGINEERS) stick to “retro” when they decide to call it a “Beetle”? They totally destroyed the concept VW bus and NOBODY wanted it, or would buy it.Now the VW van looks like a friggin FORD or CHRYSLER or TOYOTA or NISSAN or HONDA or—well you know what I’m gettin at!

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