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Sharing data key to decrease supply-chain disruptions, says Renault

Automakers have the data they can share with suppliers, logistic partners, and governments to help decrease supply-chain disruptions, said Renault alliance group’s VP of the supply chain, Jean-Francois Salles on Thursday at Reuters Events Automotive Summit.

Salles said the shift to electric mobility, together with climate mandates and disruptions after the coronavirus crisis, were making supply management difficult for Renault and other automakers.

“We have to expect more frequent and more extended adverse events, and the industry has to adapt to it,” Salles said. “We have to simplify processes and speed up the operation.”

Salles said a way to decrease disruptions was to share data with stakeholders.

“Of course not everything can be shared, but there is a lot of data that we can share,” he added.

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