Solar powered car by Sono to enter into production next year

Sono Motors Sion

A solar-powered car is set to enter into production in 2020.

The Sono Motors Sion is a small electric utility vehicle geared up with solar panels on all of its surfaces that are able of including 21 miles of range to the battery pack on a sunny day, as per the German company.

While small solar panels have been provided on electric cars before, examples include the Nissan Leaf and Fisker Karma, the Scion is going to be the first designed to generate enough electricity to bring a major amount of range. The plug-in vehicle has a total range of around 150 miles and is constructed on a skateboard-style platform that could possibly accommodate a range of body types.

The cars will be produced at an old Saab facility located in Trollhattan, Sweeden, in collaboration with NEVS, the company that acquired majority of Saab’s assets in 2012 after it submitted for bankruptcy. Sono expects to produce about 32,000 Sions on yearly basis and already has 9,800 orders for the $29,000 vehicle.

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