Spy Pics of the New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

A lightly camouflaged prototype of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe has been snapped by spy photographers. This car is expected to hit the showrooms early next year and that would be alongside the C-Class Sedan and Estate, which would have been treated to a face lift. Predictions say that the CLC sport hatch would be going off once the C-class coupe arrives on the scene.

The new coupe has been built on the existing C-Class which is not what was done in case of the CLC. That one had been built on the base of the previous generation C-class. The new coupe would therefore be more expansive in design and expensive as well. The roofline is more rakish and there is a reduction of two doors as well as the rear has been redesigned. Interior remain more or less same as the sedan model’s interior.

Engine also would be near similar to that fitted on the sedan and estate models. It would have a four cylinder V6 gasoline and diesel powerplant. There is a chance of the AMG having the C63’s 451 HP V8 engine.

Confirmation of availability of this car in the US is yet awaited from the German maker of the C-Class coupe.

Source: carscoop

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