Rosso Fuoco Opaco and Bianco Ferrari 458 Italia Duo With Vossen Wheels

Ferrari, the Italian sports car manufacturer updates its new and latest version of rosso fuoco opaco. Vossen Wheels recently finished deal with two outstanding Ferrari 458 Italias with both introduced with an arrangement of the reseller’s exchange association’s lightweight produced wheels. The white one being referred to is wearing a situated of Vossen wheels that […]

DMC blacks out the Ferrari 458 Italia

DMC in collaboration with Luxury Custom has applied a black treatment on a Ferrari 458 Italia that comes with a custom body kit. The Ferrari 458 Italia was fitted by Swiss-based Luxury Custom with DMC’s “Elegante” styling kit which makes the super car look considerably more aggressive. The aerodynamic package comes with features such as […]

Ferrari 458 on PUR Wheels

Ferrari is one name which is synonym to innovations in real sense and the company has delivered each time it has launched a new car. The company has taken a giant leap in innovation by launching Ferrari 458 Italia. Well known tuner, SR Auto, recently showcased their tuned version of the 458 Italia. The tuner […]

Ferrari 458 Italia

          The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engined sports car produced by Ferrari. It was announced in 2009 as the successor of the Ferrari F430, although its design is different from its predecessor’s, and it also incorporates new technologies based on Ferrari’s experience in Formula 1. As expected, the price is quite high, starting at […]

Ferrari 458 Italia created by Oakley Design

In past we had come across the tuning kit from Oakley design for the Ferrari 458 Italia. The entire auto community was quite excited about the tuning package and expecting that, nothing else could make the Ferrari any better. However, several incidents of Ferrari 458 Italia burning down to ashes had shocked the entire community […]