BMW can convert hybrids to electric only mode in polluted areas

BMW X1 xDrive25Le images

BMW said it can force its hybrid cars convert into an electric-only mode in highly polluted inner-city areas, helping its vehicles rival with pure battery-driven competitors as a raft of cities seek to create emissions-free zones. “The car switches off the combustion engine automatically,” BMW’s board member for development, Klaus Froehlich, informed Reuters at the […]

BMW says competitors are interested in joining forces on self-driving cars

BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car

BMW competitors and ride-hailing companies are thinking about joining its consortium for making self-driving vehicles as auto industry profits come under rising pressure, board member Klaus Froehlich stated. Automakers and ride-hailing companies have sought to construct self-driving cars as a way to enter the business of smartphone-hailed robotaxis. However, they are getting into a crowded […]

BMW drives to slash battery costs, share expenses on autonomous vehicles

BMW 750iL, Tupac Shakur car for sale

German automaker BMW AG prepares more deals with mining companies to secure electric vehicle battery materials, and is open to establishing alliances to share the expenses of developing autonomous-vehicle systems, the automaker’s research and development chief informed Reuters. BMW management board member Klaus Froehlich stated automakers and large providers have started to discuss how to […]

BMW upgrades R&D for new era of self-driving cars

BMW is revamping its research and advancement activities to concentrate on self-driving vehicles, board member Klaus Froehlich told Reuters, a relocation that includes a revamp of its “i” sub-brand of carbon-fibre based electric vehicles. The business is updating its zero-emission vehicles after a lackluster reaction to its only fully battery-powered automobile, the i3, which had […]