Hyundai prototype prophecy

The latest concept car of Hyundai provides future outlook

Hyundai Motor recently revealed its new concept EV “Prophecy,” the recent model to embody the automaker’s “Sensuous Sportiness” design identity. Like the company’s latest concept cars, its design offers ideas about how future Hyundai models may look.

Concept cars allow automakers to push the boundaries of vehicle design by discovering new ideas or styles. Traditionally, many automakers have used these studies to measure consumer reactions to radical features, while never taking them to the production line.  In the recent times, however, Hyundai has presented a number of concept cars that have provided clues about the design of subsequent production models.

“Prophecy” was unveiled in March of this year. In sharp contrast to its predecessor 45, “Prophecy” showcases smooth curves and flowing lines, with virtually no sharp angles or hard edges to break the flow. 

Its neo-classic shape provides approval to the luxury cars of the 1920s and 30s, while at the same time, unique functions such as pixelated lighting and aerodynamic wheels make it look like something from the future. Its name, “Prophecy,” is itself enough of a hint that this car is a teaser of things to come.

With such a intuitive driver interface, zero-emissions powertrain, and unique air filtration system, “Prophecy” provides its passengers a pleasant, relaxing experience while at the same time being environment friendly. Such a concept surely provides some idea about the future cars of Hyundai.

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