Top 10 Reasons You Should Take A Look At The Ford Focus

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The Ford Focus is currently in its third generation, and it’s still as popular as ever. Indeed, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of models since the design first hit the market. The Focus cars of today look a little different when compared to their 1998 counterparts. However, that just means the manufacturer has improved the design to meet the needs of their customers. We’re going to highlight ten reasons you should consider a Ford Focus for your next car purchase on this page. The information should help you to understand better the benefits of owning one of these vehicles. It should also set the record straight once and for all.

  • Low cost and affordable

For the average motorist, the Ford Focus is more than affordable. New models start at around £13,995 at the current time. However, people who want the top of the range editions can expect to pay upwards of £20,000. Compared to other cars in the same class, it offers excellent value for money. Buyers can even find the vehicle for sale through second-hand dealers for much less. People who choose to purchase models more than five years old shouldn’t need to invest more than £5,000 or something in good condition. That makes the Focus the perfect automobile for families, individuals, and even business owners.

  • Reliable engine

Ford Focus models don’t spend too much time in the garage because the engines are well-built. That means owners don’t have to spend a fortune on repairs, and the cars tend to stay in good working order. The engine has won awards from many different car magazines and organisations all over the world. Most Ford cars are durable, but the Focus offers a little something extra.

  • Excellent features

Some of the older Focus models won’t come with all these features. So, people who want to take full advantage will have to seek something brand new. However, the latest editions come with DAB radios, Bluetooth, satellite navigation and more. They also offer full connectivity with Ford’s Sync system that provides infotainment. You’d struggle to find another model for the same price will all that technology as standard.


  • Perfect handling

Reviewers are car experts have been impressed with the model’s handling from the very beginning. However, design improvements now mean the car is unmatched in its class. It’s sharp, responsive, and guaranteed to satisfy. Indeed, experts think that contributes towards the lack of serious accidents involving this vehicle. Drivers will notice that travelling around corners at high speed is not an issue. They’ll also enjoy the smooth ride when taking long journeys on the motorway.

  • Low fuel consumption

Most people want to reduce their fuel usage as much as possible to protect the environment. Even so, the reduction in cost is also a bonus. Ford has done some great work creating a system that enables motorists to save money. There’s a broad range of different efficiency technologies that mean the car officially travels around 65 mpg. Diesel versions can outperform that hitting about 83 mpg on a good run.

  • Stylish and attractive

Nobody can say that Ford didn’t work hard to create an elegant car. Even the earliest Focus models stunned punters and enthusiasts at the 1999 European Car of the Year awards. In fact, the model beat all other competitors in its category that year. Modern versions of the Focus look even better than those original concepts. So, it’s no surprise that motorists become attracted to the aesthetics.

  • Comfort

Top of the range Ford Focus models come with a full leather interior as standard. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to experience extreme comfort. Some of the cheaper editions also offer advanced seat designs that help to take the strain away from your body. People who have to travel long distances for work purposes will notice that benefit most. There is nothing worse than driving for hours in a vehicle that doesn’t support your back properly. Even so, that’s never an issue for Focus owners.


  • Speed

Drivers should never exceed the legal speed limit in their home countries. However, the Focus can reach around 152 mph with a simple stretch. Track tests also show it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just under 6 ½ seconds. That makes it one of the fastest models in its class, and it outperforms other Ford cars such as the Fiesta. Some of the newest editions are said to reach even higher speeds in the right conditions. Those figures we just mentioned were based on an MK.II model from 2005. Just imagine how things have improved since then.

  • Value retention

Compared to many other brands, Ford cars tend to hold their value a little better. That is why experienced sellers like A1 Carriages always keep a couple in stock. At the end of the day, they’re a pretty easy sell. It’s possible to purchase a 1999 Focus model without having to spend thousands on repairs for that very reason. It’s also common for owners to sell their vehicles and see a reasonable return on their investment. We saw one person who paid £5,600 for a Focus and managed to sell it two years later for £4,500. What other cars would hold their value like that?

  • Safety Standards

Ford has a long history of delivering some of the safest cars in the world. Buyers can expect to benefit from tire pressure monitoring systems, LATCH systems and more. All Focus models also come with driver and passenger airbags as standard. Some of the upmarket editions will also include blind spot technology, collision warnings, and more. The designers are 100% committed to reducing road deaths through the use of intelligent concepts. So, the Focus models of the future will become even safer than they are today.

Now you know more about the Ford Focus and the benefits of owning that vehicle, we hope you will take a look this year. Everyone wants to find the perfect car that will enable them to travel without any issues. You’re probably not going to find anything better than a Focus for the price, and they’re readily available all over the world.


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