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The Upcoming Maserati SUV To Be Unveiled As A Prototype At Frankfurt Motor Show

Fiat CEO, Sergio Marchionne has big plans for the automaker’s luxury sports car unit – Maserati: to boost annual sales almost tenfold to 50,000 units from 5,675 last year.

For this three new models will be introduced: the brand will introduce two new sedans to replace its Quattroporte flagship model and the third new Maserati will be the company’s first SUV. These three models will share parts with Chrysler and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Even so, they will not be rebranded like Lancia, each model having a different body, interior, suspension setup and dedicated engine.

It seems that the new SUV will be built on a Jeep Grand Cherokee platform, but the power behind it is still a enigma. Fiat CEO, Sergio Marchionne revealed very little, saying that the SUV’s engine will be “a rock and roll engine,” possibly in both V8 and V12 variants.

Rumors say that it will be loaded with a Chrysler Hemi V8 with 465 HP, but no confirmations have been made. For Europe, there may even be a diesel engine, most likely a 3.0 twin turbo Fiat.

Whatever engine gets, Maserati SUV’s should be ready to compete with models like the Porsche Cayenne.

Finally, in September the brand will take the first step and will present a prototype of their new SUV at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Sales are expected to begin in late 2013.

Source: Topspeed

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