Volkswagen introduces Touareg Gold Edition and Street-Legal Race Touareg Concepts at Qatar

Volkswagen unveiled two all new SUV concept cars at the Qatar Motor Show. The cars bore the nameplate of Touareg which is a street legal version of the racecar that took part in this year’s Dakar competition. There was also the other Touareg that was decorated in 24-carat gold and aptly named the Touareg Gold Edition.

It is evident that Volkswagen is targeting specific and variety of people with different fetish with this variety of cars. How many of them actually go into production would only be known after the interest from the people visiting the event has been recorded.

The cars would be having 310 HP engine capable of making the 0 to 62 mph or 100 kmph sprint in less than six seconds. The engine has the technology incorporated into it that is on engines used for the toughest rally races in the world.

For making it usable for road drive, the body which is originally 2 m wide has been modified, as also the 16 inch wheels have been replaced with 18 inch BBS alloy wheels that are painted in gold. The Race Touareg logo has also been painted in gold and is visible on the cars side. The paint job is aptly named “Morning Magic” white having a shimmer of gold in it.

Only the safety cage from the original car has been left as it is. To give the car a stealth look the entire interior has been modified by the German company. In the interior, there is the Recaro bucket seats, sporty steering wheel, digital instrument panel and a sequential gearbox. Carbon fiber and Nappa leather has been used extensively for dressing up the interior elements and components.

The 360 HO Golden Edition on the other hand has a gold plated 22 inch wheels, roof rails, protective guard strips, window frames, mirror caps, boot sill trim and parts of the fascia. The paint job is the same “Magic Morning” with the “Touareg V8” inscription.

Once again the element of luxury has been personified when one looks at the interior works done up on the car. 24 carat gold treatment has been given to all the dials, switches and other elements. There is also the use of Walnut Burr accents and exquisite leather for the interior decorum. Nappa leather has been used to wrap the seats and stitching is all ornamental. To give a contrasting effect the dashboard trim has been made up in natural leather.

Source: carscoop

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