Volkswagen no longer anticipates tax demands in Germany concerning diesel scandal

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Volkswagen does not anticipate the German government to make tax demands to cover income losses related to the automaker’s diesel scandal, a company spokesperson stated on Saturday.

In Germany, motor vehicle taxes are connected to the volume of carbon dioxide emissions, and other things.

VW, Europe’s biggest automaker, has admitted using emissions-cheating software application in a scandal that tainted its image and left it facing billions of euros in fines and compensation, worldwide.

In 2015, Volkswagen guaranteed to make up for tax income losses in Germany related to the incorrect category of automobiles but it now anticipates the government to avoid from looking for back taxes, the spokesperson stated, confirming a report in the weekly Der Spiegel.

The finance ministry stated the final amount of motor vehicle tax might just be determined when the regulatory authorities had made their evaluation and added that additional steps in this case are confidential under tax regulations.

Germany’s Federal Office for Motor Vehicles is presently due to release a report on the outcomes of brand-new emission tests on Volkswagen models.

Volkswagen and its labor unions on Friday consented to cut 30,000 jobs at the core Volkswagen brand in exchange for a commitment to prevent forced redundancies in Germany until 2025.

A senior German lawmaker on Saturday called for top Volkswagen executives responsible for the emissions scandal to return bonuses.

The German state of Lower Saxony, that owns 20 percent of voting rights, along with previous chairman Ferdinand Piech need to press for bonus clawbacks, Michael Fuchs, a vice parliamentary faction leader from the conservative CDU party, informed RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland.

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