Volkswagen’s Media Control App Turns Back-seat Drivers Into Disc Jockey

Volkswagen's Media Control App

Tradition determines that the individual seated shotgun is in control of the vehicle’s music. But due to a brand-new app and Volkswagen‘s new infotainment system, that’s about to change.

Volkswagen models geared up with the two most expensive models of Volkswagen’s new infotainment system, Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro, can be utilized with VW’s also-new Volkswagen Media Control app. Available for both iOS and Android, it enables users to connect to the infotainment system making use of its built-in WLAN connection.

Once a passenger gets in touch with the infotainment system, they can control the music, volume, speaker balance and fade. Not just they can backseat guests scan radio stations, they can play music with their devices as well as make calls utilizing the vehicle’s integrated speakers and microphone. App users can likewise input destinations and set the navigation system.

Media Control App provides almost complete control of the infotainment system to every traveler.

The good news is, the motorist can disable the nav system’s WLAN connection at any time, preventing others from pirating the infotainment controls.

The most significant vehicle to include VW’s brand-new infotainment system (in the US, at least) is the refreshed-for-2018 Volkswagen Golf. The mid-range screens are now 8.0 inches, higher than 6.5 previously. The range-topping Discover Navigation Pro determines a massive 9.2 inches.

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