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What to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Finding a used car that is in excellent condition has nothing to do with luck. It is all about proper research and investigative skills. While the automotivesblog covers all aspects of a used car, here in this article, we will cover the checklist for buying a used car. 

It is essential to know how to spot potential problems and determine how reliable a used car is. 


Even if you are buying the vehicle from one of your friends, it is crucial to check the car thoroughly. Try to bring a mechanic with you or take the vehicle to a garage to ensure that there are no faults in the vehicle. 

If you can’t take a mechanic with you, call a friend who has been driving a vehicle for too long. Also, make sure that you inspect during the day time as it will help you find defects easily. 

Body Condition

Check if there are any dents or scratches in the car’s body. Also, examine the vehicle’s doors to identify large gaps and misaligned panels. This will help you identify shoddy repair. Also, ensure that the color and finish of the car must look the same in each and every part of the vehicle. 

In case you feel that a specific part of the body is filled with a filler, use a magnet to find if your doubt is correct or not. If the dent is filled using a filler, the magnet won’t stick. 

At the same time, look for rust. Minor scratches and dents won’t have a huge impact on the vehicle but the rust can. 

Inspect the car’s wheels, the doors, the hood and the trunk. You would not want to buy a car whose wheels have lived their life and need a change. Also, check if all the four wheels are the same or not. If any one of them is different, it indicates that the wheel has been changed. 

Check the suspension of the vehicle to determine if it has been used roughly. If they are working properly, the vehicle will rebound only once, and if it is not, then the car will go up and down a few more times. 

Ask your friend to check whether all the lights and lenses are working properly or not. Ensure that no light is cracked or is filled with moisture. 

Interior Condition

Interiors of a car say a lot about how it was used in the past. Besides, that’s where you will be spending your time whenever driving the vehicle. 

If the car smells musty or moldy, then chances are there are water leaks. To check for wet spots inside the car, remove the carpet and the mats to check if they are wet. 

If the interior smells acrid, then chances are the previous owner is a smoker. It could be difficult to get rid of these smells. So, if you can’t bear the smell, it is advisable to look for a different vehicle. 

Make sure that no seat in the vehicle is torn or badly worn. Try out all the seats to ensure that you feel comfortable. 

Check out the pedals to determine if the brake or clutch plate is working correctly or not. If you feel they’re too hard, chances are you will need to replace the plates. 

Engine Related Components

Engine related components are very costly to repair. Therefore, it is essential to check them thoroughly. 

To check hoses and belts, squeeze the various rubber hoses in the radiator, AC, and other parts. If they are rock-hard or mushy, then they need to be changed. 

Check whether the battery is in good condition or not to determine if the self-start is working efficiently or not. 

Check the liquid electrolyte level to identify the health of the battery. 

At the end of the day

When it comes to finding the best second-hand car, you need to check for every possible fault. It would be best if you can take it to an independent mechanic, but if not, look for all the potential faults mentioned above.

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