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World’s Largest Artificial Island – Now For Sale

Created by King Christian IX in 1890, Middelgrundsfortet is the largest artificial island, not connected to land, in the world.

The island is approximately 70.000 m2 with a built up area of approximately 15.000 m2 and is located only 15 minutes off the coast of the Danish capital.

Protected as a heritage site because of its cultural and historical value, the fortress has served primarily as a hotel, seminar and conference venue in recent years.

The Hotel section includes 88 excellent beds in 24 rooms and a furnished commander’s dwelling with living quarters in a beautiful maritime style.

The fortress features a total of 200 rooms with 4km of hallways. 2.5 million tons of solid granite were used to create this masterpiece.

The island is accessible both by boat and helicopter, which makes it an excellent residence for private individuals.

King’s Island is priced at 6,800,000 Euro ($10,000,000) on Privateislandsonline.com

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