September 30, 2014


One of the most awaited and exciting models in recent times, the LaFerrari, recently made a visit to a Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Hong Kong where it participated in a photo session by Icy J Photography.

The LaFerrari would be a limited edition with just 499 units to be produced and sold. The model comes equipped with a V12 6262cc engine which generates a massive 800 HP (588 kW) and 516 lb-ft (700 Nm) of torque. Its HY-KERS system provides an extra output of 163 HP (120 kW) and 199 lb-ft (270 Nm) of torque, which helps the Italian supercar generate a combined output of 963 HP (708 kW).

The model comes with a seven-speed DCT gearbox which enables the car to accelerate to 62 mph (100 kmph) in less than even 3 seconds and has a top speed of more than 217 mph (350 kmph). It also comes fitted with carbon ceramic brakes measuring 398 x 223 x 36 mm at the front and 380 x 253 x 34 mm at the rear which helps the car to stop just in time when required.


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