September 23, 2014


The Lincoln Motor Company is in the midst of a major model revamp and new details are now starting to emerge about the company’s future lineup.

While giving presentation at the Deutsche Bank Global Industrials Conference, Lincoln Global Director Matt Vandyke confirmed that the brand will launch four all-new models by 2016. He also announced that the MKC concept will be representative of future Lincoln models.

He further revealed that Lincoln expects significant growth in the market of small premium cars. The company has previously hinted at the possibility of entering this segment with the C concept and Reuters’ sources have also confirmed that an entry-level model is under consideration.

While the company still faces a big challenge ahead, Lincoln is hoping that an improved buying experience will sway buyers in the US. Under this initiative, the company will have dedicated retail facilities and staff as well as a variety of new services including a new car delivery program and online concierge services.

Lincoln is also very hopeful of a successful Chinese launch in the later half of 2014. In order to achieve this, the company plans to have warm and inviting dealerships with personalization studios and doorman who will invite people into the store.


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