1500 to 3500: Which is the Right Chevy Truck for You?

by SpeedLux
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The fact that you are looking to buy a Chevy confirms that you already know and love what this iconic brand has to offer in terms of an amazing driving experience but what may be harder to decide is whether you should opt for a 1500 or a 3500 model.

The look and feel of a new Chevy 3500 truck is bound to draw you into the enticing prospect of owning and driving the latest version of a motoring classic. But what does the 1500 offer and would that be a better model for your needs?

Here is a look at how to make your mind up and decide which is the right Chevy Silverado truck for you.

How the two models compare by numbers

A good starting point would be to get an overview of some key numbers and statistics so that you get an idea of how the 1500 and 3500 compare in key areas.

The 1500 offers an impressive 56 trim options. The 3500 beats that with 85 trim options to choose from.

How do the engines compare?

The 1500 features an unleaded EcoTec3 V6 4.3L engine with 6-speed automatic transmission. What you get with the 3500 is a Gas or Ethanol Vortec V8 VVT engine. It also has a 6-speed transmission.

In terms of horsepower, you will get 285bhp@5300 with the 1500 model. The 3500 delivers 3600bhp@5400.

The 3500 has more torque. It delivers 380@4200, compared to 305@3900 for the 1500 model.

The 1500 weighs in at 5,359 lbs, and the bigger 3500 is unsurprisingly heavier at 6,680 lbs. 

A key statistic that you may be interested in if you are going to be using your Chevy as a workhorse is how much each model can pull.

The 1500 can tow 7,000 lbs on a trailer, compared to an impressive 13,000lbs for the 3500 truck.

Why you might choose a 1500 model

The Silverado 1500 is designed to be considered in the half-ton truck category. That means it would be the perfect option if you are looking for a truck that is suited to lighter-duty tasks.

The 1500 works well as a truck that you can drive every day with a degree of comfort and efficiency. But it is ready to be called upon when you need to do some light haulage work.

Why you might choose a 3500 model

One of the biggest reasons why you would go for a 3500 model is if you need a truck that has been designed and built to cope with regular hauling and heavy towing duties.

If you need a reliable workhorse that is also a comfortable ride and offers a good driving experience considering it is being used as a work partner, the Silverado 3500 would be the best choice.

Although the 1500 and 3500 can be considered to be virtually the same model in many respects, they do have their respective advantages.

Work out what you want your Chevy to do and that will help you decide whether you buy a 1500 or 3500 model. Either way, you will be making a great choice when you buy a truck that has a real pedigree and a strong reputation for reliability.

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