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2012 Jaguar XE Shows Its Face [Spy Shots]

As you might know, Jaguar is working at a new model, the XE, and it seems that it makes some serious progress, because the E-Type seems almost ready to take on the world.

Today we can show you the latest spy photos of this car, thanks to spy photographers from CAR, who were able to photograph the upcoming Jaguar XE. These aren’t the first spy shots of this new model, but are a good source of informations.

Jaguar’s new compact, two-seater sports car is based on the XK model which will compete against the like of the Porsche 911.

One of the most important aspect visible from these photos is the new four-pipe exhaust system.

The upcoming Jaguar XE prototype has a shortened chassis and body of the XK. The British car maker will offer this new model both as a coupe and cabriolet model, and it’s a cabrio that from the pictures.

The details are still vague on the XE, but we expect it to be a two-seater and priced competitively with the Porsche 911, the model it aims to compete against.

If we look at the long Jaguar nose, it will sport a mid-front engine mounting for performance handling.

The new Jaguar XE is also expected to be fitted with a V6 engine in at least two configurations, one naturally-aspirated and one supercharged.

We expect that the output levels will be competitive with Cayman and 911 models. For our previous spy shots, click here.

Source: CAR

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