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2012 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S With Exhaust Tune Caught Undisguised [Video]

A few days ago we showed some spy pics with the 2012 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera. Now it’s time to see the new Carrera S, on video! Gumo, a GTspirit forum member, spotted a barely disguised 2012 Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S prototype at a petrol station in Stuttgart yesterday and filmed it.

Below you can watch the video that shows the 2012 Carrera S starting up and driving away from the petrol station and a traffic light. Being a bit boring, the exhaust of the 3.8 liter flat six engine sound isn’t really different from any contemporary 997 Carrera S. The electronic roof and the rear braking light between the openings in the engine cover are easily visible.

As a refresher, the next 911 will be 4.49 meters long – 56mm more than the current model with 10mm extra wheelbase. Also, the car will also stand 11mm lower. The stock power plant is a 3.4 liter entry-level Boxer engine providing an output of 350hp, a 0 to 100km/h sprint time of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 289km/h in the Carrera. The Carrera S offers 395hp, while the 911 Turbo is rumored to have an output of approximately 542hp. Each engine is paired to a seven-speed manual or an optional seven-speed PDK.

Price: will probably be around $120,000

Source: GTspirit

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