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2013 Zeus Twelve Gold Rush

Gray design is a well known engineering and designing company. Having been known for their SC166-Super Yacht in the past, they are now making their foray into the Automotive sector with a special division.

This new division of the company is known as Zeus Twelve and they’ll be working on built-to-order designs and will supply them to their customers accordingly. As of right now they’ve completed three designs which are known as Magnate, Sigma and the Gold Rush.

Pictures and Specifications of the Gold Rush have been released. Personally, we at Speedlux believe that the Gold Rush is one hell of a design, with sleek gold-highlighted exteriors, gullwing doors, optional bulletproofing and classy rims, the car oozes style.

The Engine of the Zeus Twelve Gold Rush 2013 is 5.935 liter V12 which produces around 510 HP (6500 RPM) and a top speed of 188 Miles per hour.

There is no price tag to the Zeus Twelve Gold Rush 2013 yet, but whenever it comes around we’ll definitely keep the readers updated. Enjoy the pictures till then!

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