2014 Subaru WRX Spotted (Details)

by SpeedLux

The automotive circles have been buzzing with speculations regarding the next generation WRX by Subaru. The popularity of this hatchback is mostly unparalleled by any other and it attracts a lot of attention every time a new model is set to be launched.

This time the Fourth Generation WRX by Subaru has been spotted during hot weather testing at Death Valley, California. Even though the car looks like its Impreza predecessor, it has been officially separated from the Impreza lineup. Mechanically as well as aesthetically.

It is quite possible that this blatant public testing of the vehicle is meant to attract eyeballs, even though it looks like an Impreza, the end result may be drastically different from what you see in these pictures.

The 2014 Subaru WRX is supposed to be a budget car that is a pleasure to drive. It will be a 4WD as well. The 2014 Subaru WRX Price is expected to be in the mid $20,000’s which is actually really affordable for those looking for quality automotive enjoyment on a budget.

Basic Details: The Subaru WRX is expected to be launched in both Sedan and Hatchback styles, however it has not been confirmed yet. It’s predecessors have followed this process, however.  It’s not going to be under the Impreza banner anymore so there might be some drastic changes like discontinuation of either the Sedan or the hatchback.

Power: The 2014 Subaru WRX Engine will be a 2.0 liter Boxer Four, down from its predecessor’s 2.5 Liter Boxer Four for better fuel economy. This of course means that the car will be a 4WD. Subaru will also be equipping the engine with a direct-injection setup. The engine will produce an output of at least 300 HP. It also happens to have a 6-gear setup (additional forward gear).

So this car will be officially launched next year as the 2014 model, speculations are ripe on the STI version which might be released at a later date. Price as we’ve mentioned before will be pretty reasonable and fuel economy is going to go up. So the car is going to be a must-buy for all the Subaru WRX lovers.

More details as we get them! The images below are of Legacy WRX models.

Images of Mazda LM55 Vision GranTurismo


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