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2015 Acura NSX-inspired float to lead the Rose Bowl Parade

We already know that the Acura NSX won’t go into production phase until 2015 but that hasn’t stopped the company from creating a Rose Bowl Parade float which will be towed by an NSX-inspired “locomotive.”

Set to be driven by ASIMO, the “Keeping Dreams on Track” float will stroll down the streets of Pasadena just ahead of the 100th Rose Bowl which will be played by Michigan State and Stanford.

The float which is 274 foot (83.5 meter) long will actually consist of five different train cars including the aforementioned locomotive, a Honda engine car, an ASIMO-inspired car, a car with two massive video monitors and a HondaJet-inspired caboose. That’s not all, in terms of decoration, the float will be fully decorated and covered with flowers that will include over 8,980 flowers including 5,900 roses, 2,500 carnations and 580 gerberas.

The float will be powered by an undisclosed hybrid engine of which details are not provided by the company yet but the company promises to help the float function more efficiently and reduce its carbon footprint.

Well the float must have already floated some excitement among car lovers and certainly we can’t wait for it to be out.

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