2016 Opel Astra Spotted

by SpeedLux

For those who may not know yet, the Opel Astra is actually the sister of the Chevrolet Cruze. Now, the next generation version of the Astra has been spotted and it seems like the car is in its prototype version as of the moment. The final production version will reportedly launch either in early 2016 or as quickly as at the end of this year itself. But what can potent buyers actually expect to get if they decide to lay their hard earned cash on this very vehicle model?

Well, for a starter, they can expect a new design theme for the car. This time around, the vehicle is being designed by a team under the lead of Mark Adams. Just for information, Adams is in charge of designing Buick vehicle lineups as well. For the upcoming Astra, the design will focus mainly on finer details and overall quality improvement. There are also reports indicating that the car may well borrow some of the styling cues from the 2013 Opel Monza concept vehicle.

According to the latest reports, for the powertrain, the next generation Opel Astra will take advantage of the Ecotec engines from General Motors (GM). This means that customers will be able to choose petrol or diesel engines and they will also be able to choose three or four cylinders to be working under the bonnet of their vehicle. Of course, hybrid engines are not impossible at all. In fact, it seems to be the new trend that automakers are heading to these days.

It is believed that the 2016 Opel Astra will make its debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. There may be other variants of the model as well, such as, a GTC coupe, a Sports Tourer wagon and also a sedan. The launch of the 2016 model year Astra from Opel may also prove to be part of the company’s DRIVE!2022 strategy. This is a strategy where Opel will be introducing 27 new vehicle lineups and 17 engines until the year 2018.

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