2,300 Horsepower General Lee Dodge [Video]

by SpeedLux
General Lee Dodge, Calvo Motorsport

The Dodge Viper might be dead, but it’s tough to consider a more fitting send-off for the Mopar beast than Calvo Motorsport’s twin-turbo, efficient of around 2,300 horse power. That old odd-firing V10 is a force to be considered in the half-mile-even when it’s operating on plain old 93 octane pump gas.

1320Video overtook the Calvo team before a recent race at Caddo Mills Airport in Texas, getting a fast rundown on the automobile’s specifications before the fireworks began. At their last occasion, running on race fuel and 18-inch wheels, the Viper had the ability to put down about 2,300 horse power without the help of nitrous en route to a 197 miles per hour half-mile. With automobiles at this event required to utilize routine pump gas, they have actually called it back to a reputable 1,607 horsepower, switching in 15-inch wheels to help compromise a few of the distinction.

Still, this modern-day General Lee is an outright monster. The trunk-mounted ice cells consume about 65 pounds of ice per run as they have a hard time to keep the air consumption temperature down, and a recorded 190.51 miles per hour practice run validates the engine isn’t really missing out on those extra octanes.

The heads-up race itself is split into brackets, with rivals lining for a rolling start prior providing it the business when the light turns green. Through the first 3 rounds, the Mopar posts constant 190 miles per hour runs and controls a Chevrolet Corvette C6, another Dodge Viper, and a Lamborghini Huracan-that last one even more outstanding considering exactly what the Huracan is capable of in the half-mile.

Regrettably, in the final our hero is up to a Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera, who may or may not have sandbagged throughout the competition and/or slingshotted their method through end of the rolling start. The Viper still caught a greater speed, however the first to cross the line is the winner at this sort of race.

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