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5 Benefits Of A Mobile Car Wash

If you’re tired of wasting time waiting around at a local car wash why not find out the benefits of using a mobile car wash. Many people have never heard of these services and wonder, what are the benefits of a mobile car wash? The short answer is that it saves time. You don’t have to wait in long lines at a car wash. A typical visit to the car wash can take an hour or more. That’s a lot of time you could be spending on yourself.

Time Saving

If you’re constantly running around, it can be tough to find time to make it to a car wash. An eco-friendly mobile car wash service is much more convenient since you can let experts come to you. Book a Washdoctors professional car valet online with the easy-to-use app and they’ll come to your home or workplace. Doing this will free up your time so you can do the important things, like getting work done or spending time with your family. They’re the professionals that’ll wash, wax and vacuum your car, doing all the work you would do in a single day at home – making it look like new!


We recommend washing your car 2-3 times a month in order to ensure the car’s paintwork and overall condition stays nice and shiny. Over time, dirt and bird droppings will damage the paintwork of a car. The solution is to have it washed every 2 weeks, maintaining the paintwork and guaranteeing that it will still be in good condition when you’re ready to sell. Some car enthusiasts even have their car’s exterior cleaned once a week or so to avoid embarrassment should they give a passenger a ride in it.

Using the Washdoctors app is ideal as booking in for a wash every two weeks takes less than two minutes. All you need to do is unlock your car when your technician arrives and unlock it once they’re done. You can book a service between 7am – 7pm so the local professionals can work around your schedule.

Before Selling Your Car

Getting your car fully valeted before you sell it is a great way to save time and cost, as people that are buying will know the true value of the car. Selling a car that’s just been valeted is standard practice at most dealerships as it gives the car additional value.

An ultimate pre-sale valet includes:

Exterior Wash

They’ve got the latest technical equipment. Nothing can withstand the Washdoctors cleaning service. They have everything on them, no matter where you are. Don’t worry about electricity and water: they’re prepared for any situation!

Interior Clean

The best interior detailing service will leave your car looking almost like new. They use only the best products that can remove even the toughest marks and stains. This service is also a fantastic way to reverse the signs of ageing, making your leather and plastics look young again.

Single Stage Paint Correction

There are certain areas of your car’s paintwork that will gradually show signs of wear and tear. We can give the panel area a thorough clean before making any repairs to remove any previous paint work history. You can add a single stage polish or complete car detailing to your order for that extra special treatment.

Odour Removal

With these odour removal services, the whole interior smells fresh and pleasant!

Engine Bay Clean

Get a fresh new look at your engine bay before you start the engine for the first time.

Hybrid Ceramic Wax

Topping off this service, the new car owner will receive Hybrid Ceramic Wax – giving them 6 months of protection!

Then, you can focus on taking great pictures and listing the car online with a fresh new look. But, be careful it may attract a lot of attention so be prepared!

Local Professionals

Washdoctors only use the best local professionals that already have a thriving customer base to perform any of their services. This means that your car is being looked after by the best mobile car wash technicians in the country using industry leading products. All technicians are well equipped to provide any services you require so you won’t need to provide electricity or water meaning you can relax whilst the technician gets on with the service and all you have to do is unlock the vehicle when they arrive and lock the vehicle when they’re done.

Not Just A Car Wash

Washdoctors have such a wide range of technicians around the country that they have an extensive list of services such as:

Exterior Wash

Bring your car’s exterior back to life with a professional exterior wash.

Bronze Valet

The ideal monthly maintenance valet to keep your car well maintained on a regular basis.

Silver Valet

Upgrade your maintenance valet with a hand wax and tyre shine.

Gold Valet

An extremely thorough valet built for when your car needs some serious love.

Platinum Valet

Protect your car’s value with a package that’s more than just a clean. Including leather protection and hybrid ceramic wax technology.

Ultimate Pre-Sale Valet

Reverse the signs of aging and restore the most value to your car before sale or end of lease.

They also offer paintwork protection, scratch repair, body repair and dent repair services. All from the comfort of your own home.

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