Rumble Strips help reduce speed

What is The Point Of Rumble Strips? Their Safety Features Explored

Are you new to driving a car? Are you learning and intending to pass your test? Have you recently encountered a noisy, textured vibrating strip by the side of a highway and wondered what its point is?

A rumble strip is a safety feature that has been incorporated into roads worldwide. They are designed to alert drivers when veering off the road or onto a hard shoulder. These strips comprise a series of small bumps or ridges that produce a loud noise and a vibration when a vehicle drives over them. The safety benefits of a rumble strip are numerous, and they have been proven to reduce accidents and save lives. 

However, if you have been traveling on a highway for a few hours, you may feel fed up with these ridges and question how they offer any safety.

This article explores that, so read on to learn more.

Minimize Off Road Collisions

One of the primary benefits of rumble strips is their ability to prevent run-off-road accidents. These accidents occur when a vehicle leaves the road and goes onto the shoulder, often resulting in rollovers or collisions with trees or other objects. These vibrating strips alert drivers when they are getting too close to the edge of roads, providing them with a warning to correct their course and stay on the road. 

Minimize Head-On Collisions

The strips also help to reduce the number of head-on collisions. When a driver is tired or distracted, they may inadvertently drift into oncoming traffic. By alerting drivers when they are drifting out of their lane, rumbling strips can help to prevent these dangerous collisions and help to keep everyone on the road safe. 

Keep Speed Limit Legal

It should come as no surprise that when you increase your speed on a highway or road, the odds of you crashing go up too.

Ergo, another benefit of a rumble strip is its ability to reduce speed. When drivers hear and feel these vibrations, they are often reminded to slow down and pay attention to the road. This has been found to help prevent accidents that occur due to excessive speed, such as rear-end collisions and loss of control. 

Warning System

It is entirely possible that a rumble strip and other methods may be used to alert drivers to changes on the road or highway. As such, these strips are also an effective way to alert drivers of approaching intersections, stop signs, and other hazards. By placing strips before these hazards, drivers are given an audible and tactile warning to slow down and exercise caution. 

Safety For A Lower Cost

In addition to their safety benefits, these vibrating strips are also cost-effective. The strips are relatively easy to install and maintain, and they require very little in the way of ongoing upkeep from highway maintenance. This makes them an attractive option for municipalities and other organizations that are looking to improve road safety without breaking the bank. Despite their many benefits, some drivers may find these strips to be annoying or distracting. However, the safety benefits of these strips far outweigh any minor inconveniences they may cause. The strips are an effective way to reduce accidents and save lives by keeping drivers alert and aware of their surroundings. So, take note of them, and stay safe!

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