Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Driving Your Car This Summer

by SpeedLux

Summertime means travel time for most of us, but before packing your bags and taking the kids on a nice vacation on the beach, think twice!

While you’re resting on the sand, watching everyone have fun and play in the water, your vehicle is -for sure- not as happy as you are.

Unless you’re thinking of selling your car, you should follow a procedure to keep it in a good condition during hot days. Whether you want to drive it for a long-distance or just park it in the garage, consider protecting these parts from the summer heat.

  • Tires

Car tires and hot weather make an unpleasant combination for a vacation. Driving your car on hot pavements will make the air inside the tires expand, increasing the pressure and possibly leading the tires to blow up, in the worst scenario.

What you can do is check your tires now and then to make sure they are inflated to the recommended pressure.

You should also replace them before they are worn out, especially when there is a long journey coming up. I mean, you don’t want to end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with blown-up tires, right?

  • Battery

Batteries just don’t get along with heat, they don’t!

That’s because hot weather impacts the chemical process inside the battery, shortens its life, makes it struggle to function and produce power, and even could damage it.

You need to check for any corrosion on the battery terminals to make sure that your battery’s internal structure isn’t damaged.

Also, check the battery’s power output, so you can know if it needs to be replaced or just charged.

Finally, put a set of jumper cables in the trunk of your car to fix any additional battery-related problems that might occur during your journey.

  • Engine Oil

Engine oil protects all parts of the engine by providing lubrication.

The heat during summer will make the oil thin slightly meaning an increase in friction resulting in a possibility of damage.

It’s a good idea to change the oil regularly, especially before summer, fill it to the max so you can drive assured that your engine is well protected even on the hottest days.

  • Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is crazy important to be able to drive first, then think about enjoying the trip while it’s burning outside.

Great news: all cars come with an A/C system nowadays. Not so great news is you have to keep regular maintenance throughout the year to make the A/C work at its best efficiency and cool your car down.

So, to extend the life of your A/C system, clean the clogged holes for proper performance and, if needed, replace the cabin air filter, or call a professional mechanic.

  • Coolant

Not only you and your beloved ones need that cool breeze in the car, but so does your engine in order to not overheat.

Antifreeze during winter and coolant during the summertime will save your engine and your money, for sure. But just like any other engine fluid, coolant can become contaminated which leads to depletion of protective additives.

Broken coolant and worn hoses might allow coolant to leak resulting in a rise in engine temperatures, so keep your eyes on the car’s temperature gauge during hot months to prevent overheating because low coolant levels can damage your engine, so we highly recommend you flush it or replace it when needed.

  • Final Considerations

Buy a sunshade from any near store, it’s cheap, helps you protect your car from the sun, and maintains a cooler temperature inside the car.

You can also put a nice, small summer car emergency kit to save you on hot days. It should contain:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Water
  3. Basic tool kit
  4. First aid kit
  5. Emergency double shade blanket
  6. Work gloves
  7. Hazard signs and flares

Summer is the best season, hands down, but it can be tough on vehicles. So, the next time you want a summery trip, consider these simple tips and tricks, not only to maintain your car value but also because heat wreaks havoc on your car and its everyday functions.

You probably know that there are tons of advice about winter driving, and how cold weather affects vehicles’ performance. Summer maintenance is as important as winter, so bring on the right products to be fully prepared for any sudden issues that might come your way, and enjoy this delightful season!

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