6 Best Vehicles to enjoy cruising on the road this Summer

For about 12.7 million Americans, summer won’t be complete if they can’t cruise on their boats. Unfortunately, unless you already live on the waterfront, your boat will have to be towed down highways. This means that you’ll need a vehicle which is strong enough to get that tub back in the water. The only way you’ll be able to do this without any hassle is if you own one of the best summer cars in the world. Below is a list of our top choices.

Chevrolet Suburban

Now most SUVs are designed with enough power to tow a boat, but not many of them are strong enough to tow a boat while carrying the entire family and the entire weekend’s worth of luggage and supplies. The Chevrolet Suburban passes all of these requirements with flying colors. You can go out of town knowing that you’re safe and comfortable in this SUV.

Aptly dubbed the “Cowboy Cadillac”, this big Chevy is equipped with a 6.0-liter V8 engine which packs a mean 350 HP. It’s designed to tow 9,600 pounds and carry 2,400 pounds of luggage and passengers. Now, unless you have a strange warranty claim in your hands which can pay for absolutely any damage done to your vehicle, don’t do this with any other SUV, especially crossover ones which pretend to be SUVs.

Chrysler Town & Country

When you’re planning a long drive to Wally World and you have a pretty big family, nothing can match the spaciousness, fuel-efficiency, and comfort that Chrysler’s minivan can give.

While the car manufacturer already pioneered this segment, they didn’t stop there. They went ahead and added luxury features to the vehicle. This included posh leather seats, satellite television shown on two mounted screens, and a wireless router for your net browsing needs.
Your kids won’t get hungry or thirsty either. Specifically made for long family drives, the T&C has a cooler and Stow&Go storage bins to keep things intact while you’re on the road.
While it’s not exactly the perfect macho car from the outside, it’s an excellent family vehicle. You’re not supposed to be out impressing hot ladies in Ferraris at this point, anyway, so you shouldn’t mind the wholesomeness that goes with the minivan.

Ford F-150 Raptor

If you’re not exactly worried about kids yet and you’re the type of traveler who roughs it out in any kind of terrain, the only vehicle that can make the deal sweet for you and your companions is the Ford F-150 Raptor. Going along the lines of the Hummer H2, this ultra-macho 4×4 is perfect for the beach bum or the outdoorsy camper who likes to hike (or mountain climb) in the summer.

The raptor can brave muddy swamp, fire roads, dessert rocks, and slippery beach sands with no trouble. The truck also comes with a lot of power, so you don’t have to worry about all the muscle slowing your drive down.

Ford Mustang Convertible

If you’re single and still enjoying the good life, it’s not illegal to own the Ford Mustang Convertible. This car allows you to enjoy warm summer nights with the top down while you’re pumping the gas pedal for some mean driving. No convertible can beat this brand when it comes to power, heritage, and sound.

On our latest records, no convertible variants of the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger have been released yet. This means that in this segment, the top down Mustang reigns supreme. Actually, any Mustang convertible will do as long as it’s driven by a base V6 engine. This engine can generate up to 305 hp. While the 550 hp Shelby still tops the muscle cruising experience, you’ll be leaving too big a CO2 footprint with that car.
You should really save the Shelby for the drag strip. The Mustang convertible is more than enough for a thrilling drive down the highway.

Honda Element

Nicknamed the “Honda Elephant”, this car has its own share of haters. However, if you’re a dog lover, no vehicle can be more dog-friendly than this one. If you’re planning a trip out of town with your family and you’re pet, this is the only vehicle which can make the trip comfortable for all of your passengers (including the pooch).
The cargo area of the SUV has an “accommodation kit” which features a special area for the kennel. Honda doesn’t stop there. The Japanese car manufacturer also added a ramp so that the little porkers can waddle their way to the back of your car. There’s also a special fan installed at the back of the car so fresh air can be kept flowing in that area.

The cargo compartment of the car also has a spill-resistant water bowl to minimize the mess. This, of course, goes perfectly well with the rear vinyl seat covers. If you think that the cargo compartment pleases dog owners exclusively, you’re wrong.
Sporty car owners also love the Elephant—err, Element. The boxy shape of the cargo compartment is perfect if you’re trying to fit in a bicycle or a bulky equipment for whatever sport you may be into. You can also keep sleeping bags under the foldaway seats if you like camping out.

Jeep Wrangler

Summer, after all, means that you’ll be doing a lot of camping, fishing, and partying on the beach. There’s no off-road capable vehicle more compact and appropriate than the Jeep Wrangler. Not only is it a sports icon, but once the roof’s off, you can truly enjoy the summer with some open-air driving.

If you’re doing serious off-road driving, you can even step it up by removing the doors and folding down the wind shield. The only thing that’s keeping it from looking like its military predecessor is an olive drab paint. And some good news for mod boys out there, you just need to pay an extra $25,000 to get the unlimited four-door stretch. This will certainly make it easier for you to pack away your friends for the weekend.

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