6 Ways You Can Customize Your Car Wheels

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You can do all of the work you want to on the dashboard or under the hood, but what’s a customized car worth if there’s nothing new about the wheels? Deep down, we all know the wheels are where the real important changes are made. 

We’re going to take a look at some ideas for you to input into your car wheels today. As we explore ideas on custom car wheels and modifications you can make, we hope that you’re inspired to make some changes to your vehicle. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Tire Upgrades

To start, you’ve got to make sure your tires are up to par. You can increase the functionality, style, and longevity of your wheels by going with some aftermarket options. 

Note that the tire specifications for every vehicle are located where the VIN number is. You can research your particular tires, too, but it’s often easy to look for that information on your vehicle somewhere. 

Most of the time, it’s on a sticker inside of the driver’s door. If you can’t find the tire specs, there, look in your owner’s manual. 

2. Rim Choices

The rims are the next piece of the puzzle. Rims serve a functional purpose in protecting the wheel of the vehicle, but they’re also an excellent opportunity to put some personality into your vehicle. 

You don’t have to do anything crazy, but you can if you want to. If you’re the more subdued type, you can look at some matte car wheels and explore similar rims to match.

3. Paint The Rims

Note that it’s possible to get a paint job on your rims. You can do them up however you’d like to, but you’ve got to remember to find the appropriate paint. 

Standard paint won’t work on rims, and you could wind up doing more harm than good. Or, even worse, the paint could start chipping and what was once a great idea has your car looking like a beater. 

Before you start to do a paint job on your rims, make sure to clean out the wheel, the rim, and any area that’s going to have any paint on it. Wipe those surfaces with paint thinner or rubbing alcohol to ensure that absolutely everything is removed from the surface. 

You can also remove the rims from the vehicle and set them aside for cleaning. Once you’ve cleaned and removed all materials, you need to add a primer. This will ensure that the paint bonds to the surface in a way that lasts. 

When you choose your paint, make sure that you’re making the selection in response to the metal in the rim. It might be aluminum, magnesium, or something else. All metals have corresponding paints that will work best.

4. Lift Your Vehicle

Lifting your vehicle involves the wheels because you typically have to invest in slightly larger tires. If anything, lifting the car gives some space to your wheels and allows them to stand out a little more. 

Lifting the car is a great way to add some personality, and you don’t have to be too excessive to make a difference. When we hear “lift,” we often think of massive trucks that are too high to even step into. A small lift is an option, too.

You might increase the tire size a little bit, or just give them some space by doing a slight lift to the vehicle. 

5. Mix and Match Rims

One option that’s not explored as often as it should be is the presence of multiple rims on one car. You can use different types of rims to fit on different tires and make a sort of eclectic vehicle. 

What better way to stand out and express personality through your vehicle than to mix and match everything you like on the wheels? You might match the front two and back two, match the front right and back left, or vice versa. 

Or, you could just pop four unrelated rims onto your wheels and see how that feels. The possibilities are endless, and you might find that multiple rims are the final touch to your already wonderful vehicle.

6. Invest in Different Shocks

Sometimes, different shock companies will make their hardware different colors. Shocks look nice when they’re decked out with a paint job, and you can often see the shocks from behind the rim. 

Adding this little touch adds a level of integrity to the wheel. Somebody looks at the wheel, admires the rim, and sees that the shocks are a bright blue that contrasts with the color of the rim. 

It’s a pretty picture, and it could be on your car. There are a lot of colors and different brands to work with when it comes to replacing shocks. Plus, it might not hurt to invest a little bit in your shocks, as they can extend the longevity of your frame. 

Keep Safety in Mind

Safety is the most important aspect of your car. Ensure that you’re not customizing your vehicle in a way that reduces the level of safety it offers. If anything, try to find modifications that enhance the degree of safety. 

Tires, rims, shocks, and more can all be used to enhance safety. Make sure that you’re not purchasing these materials from shady vendors just because they look aesthetically pleasing. If you’re going to add something to your vehicle, vet it with as much care as you can. 

Look into the company, look into the product reviews, and talk with local professionals to see if it’s a good idea. 

Want to Learn More About Car Wheels?

If you’re looking to invest in custom car wheels, we’ve got more information for you. It can be tough to know what to look for when it comes to different car products, especially if you’re new to improving your vehicle on your own. 

Explore our site for more ideas on car wheel covers, updates, chrome car wheels, and much more. 

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