7 Ways to Upgrade Car Sound Quality

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The typical modern car comes with advanced stereo systems from the likes of Bose and Harman Kardon. Yet, most commuters do not know how to take advantage of these professional-grade stereo systems. 

Nevertheless, we have come to the rescue. This guide will find some simple improvements to improve the audio output. 

Upgrade the Factory Speakers

Okay, we might have gone a little ahead in assuming that all modern cars have advanced stereo systems. However, the truth is that most factory car speakers are low-grade. Regardless of whether they come from a premium brand, the amp and stereo of car sound systems are not designed to render high-quality sound. At the same time, most car speaker systems are poor handlers of power, thus yielding low-quality output. 

Moreover, replacing the sound system of your car will not cost much. Whether 5×7 or 6×9, you can get the sound system from a reputable brand at a low price. Nevertheless, if you think of replacing the entire in-dash stereo system, it will cost you some money. (A tip: ensure to purchase an in-dash stereo with Bluetooth connectivity). 

Get an Amplifier 

Every car sound system already has an amplifier. Car stereo systems wouldn’t work without one. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, most factory car speakers are poor power handlers. Understand that the job of an amplifier is amplifying a weak audio signal; however, factory car systems do not get the job done. One of the major issues with factory amplifiers is they can be the reason for distortion while hearing music. To review whether the music distorts or not, turn the volume levels, and you will notice distortion (if the amplifier is the problem). 

Nevertheless, an aftermarket car amplifier can strengthen the audio signal and increase the power handling capacity of the speakers. 

Moreover, it is better to get the stereo system first and then replace the amplifier as you will have to purchase the amplifier depending on the head unit. 

At the same time, you can also consider purchasing a subwoofer amplifier — to not hear the music, but feel it. 

In all, purchasing an aftermarket amplifier is the best way to improve the sound and listen to clean, loud music. 

Don’t Go Crazy with the Tone Controls. 

Most commuters max out the volume, hoping it will enhance the sound. However, you will have to understand that stereo systems act as a guitar. You will hear the right sounds only if you tune it properly. 

Maxing up the volume will create distortions. On the other hand, tuning the EQ properly will avoid large peaks and dips between frequencies that often create harsh and distorted sounds. You can easily check if the speaker’s phase is properly tuned or not. All you have to do is tune in some heavy sounds and adjust all the controls to the center. If the bass isn’t clear, the car speakers are out of phase. 

To adjust it, tune the positive and negative leads on individual speakers until you hear significantly loud bass. Moreover, you can purchase some bass blockers to filter out the bad frequency levels from the output and render high-quality clean output. 

This is rather a short guide to explain everything about adjusting the controls of your stereo systems. So, it is better to turn to the internet pages and find how to adjust the tone controls of the car system yourself. 

Feed High-Quality Content 

One of the most common reasons commuters do not hear loud and clean audio files is because they feed low-quality MP3 files. It is better to use WAV files. MP3 files, although the most popular one, compresses the audio files. 

So, utilize high-quality audio files in FLAC or WAV format. 

Utilize Signal Processor or Equalizer 

There are numerous types of equalizers available in the market. For instance, the graphic equalizers have predetermined bandwidth; however, the sliders allow you to control your music drastically. 

EQs, on the other hand, come built-in with amplifiers. They allow you to level up the sound level to crazy. However, they are not as powerful as individual amplifiers. 

Moreover, parametric equalizers are the best option for greater control over your music levels. However, this is recommended for commuters who have the patience to learn how to use the systems. 

Furthermore, analog equalizers are the best to go if you are looking for cheap-but-working frequency setting controllers. 

Feel the Music with Dedicated Subwoofer Amplifier

Many commuters make the mistake of installing only the subwoofer in their cars. However, a subwoofer without an amplifier is just an addition to hearing loud music. 

Nevertheless, if you want to feel the music and listen to clean and loud music, it is best to purchase the subwoofer with a dedicated amplifier. Moreover, you will not have to go through the headache of finding the perfect amplifier depending on the head unit. 

Sound Deaden the Car 

By lowering the interior sound levels in your car, sound-deadening materials are the best way to hear loud music without actually turning up the volume buttons. 

However, this tip is more like a crime to audiophiles. Still, it is the best option if you want to clear loud music at the minimum possible price. 


The ultimate tip to level up the music game? Get a car amplifier! There is no better way to hear music at the maximum levels without dissertations. 

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