8 Ways to Successfully Maintain Your RV

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If you are an avid adventurer, owning a recreational vehicle is convenient for exploring new towns and cities. However, an RV comes with many responsibilities, as you have to keep it in good shape. Read on for eight ways to maintain your recreation vehicle for incident-free trips and vacations.

  1. Inspect the roof

The roof is the part of your camper most exposed to harmful external elements, necessitating additional care. Ensure that you inspect your roof every three months to ascertain that it is in excellent shape. You should also check for water leaks that may occur on the roof edges and seep into the camper’s interior, causing enormous water damage.

Be sure to patch up the leaks using sealants to prevent further damage as soon as you notice them. However, whether the roof is made of ALFA, fiberglass, TPO, metal, or EPDM rubber, ensure that you use sealants that work with the roof materials for maximum efficiency. You could also consider investing in a cover to protect your roof from harsh weather conditions to save you from the cost of replacing or repairing the roof. 

  1. Check the window and door seals

Apart from the roof, water can also leak into your camper’s interior through faulty window and door seals. The seals also degrade with time, causing water leakage. This could result in the development of mold and damaged surfaces, so you should inspect door and window seals every three months to ensure that they fit appropriately and there is no deterioration.

Be sure to also check the windshield for chips and cracks. Even the most minor crack can allow water to seep into the camper. Have the windows and doors resealed to reduce the chances of water finding its way into the RV interior. You could also hire technicians from Van Isle Glass to replace or repair the damaged or broken windshield and window glasses to maintain the integrity of your RV.

  1. Change your camper’s oil

Like other cars, your RV requires oil replacement to ensure the engine is lubricated and operates as expected. If you do not replace the RVs oil, the engine will experience excessive wear and tear, necessitating expensive repairs or investing in a new one. 

You should replace the oil regularly since RVs tend to sit for an extended period compared to other vehicles. Check your campers manufacturer’s manual to determine how often you should replace oil to enable you to provide the best care.

  1. Check the batteries

The last thing you want to experience during a vacation is halting in an unknown area due to dead camper batteries. For this reason, you should invest in better battery maintenance. Consider purchasing a multimeter or tester lights to keep track of the camper’s primary voltage and the batteries to ensure that they are fully charged and in excellent condition. With proper care and maintenance, your RV batteries can last for close to five years, after which they start losing their capacity, necessitating replacement.

  1. Check the wheels and tires

Before you embark on any trip, check your motorhome’s tires and wheels to guarantee everyone’s safety and avoid unanticipated circumstances, including getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. To keep your tires and wheels in excellent condition, you should:

  • Purchase a tire cover to protect the tires from extreme conditions that could damage them
  • Tighten the camper’s wheel lug nuts before any trip. Driving with loose lug nuts could lead to the wheel popping out, which can be dangerous.
  • Check the tire pressure to avoid driving in an overinflated tire that could cause the tires to explode, damaging your motorhome or causing accidents. Pay more attention to the tire pressure during winter as low temperatures result in a pressure drop.
  • Rotate your camper’s wheels regularly to minimize wear and boost tire durability. Rotating also evens wear because front tires often deteriorate faster than the rear ones, allowing you to have the wheels replaced at once.
  • Carry spare tires to avoid depending on roadside garages. Remember to keep the spare tire inflated at all times.
  • Regularly check the camper’s tire age to determine when to replace them for more efficiency.
  1. Maintain the RV brakes

Brake maintenance should be at the top of your motorhome maintenance checklist. Properly maintained brakes guarantee the safety of you and anyone in the camper or on the road. Be sure to keep the brakes well-lubricated, especially during summer when they get dry,  to ensure that they function appropriately. You could also ensure that the brakes have sufficient material and are working efficiently to provide a great activation of the camper. If your motorhome’s brakes are not responsive, get them replaced before hitting the road. 

  1. Maintain the RV HVAC system

Maintaining the HVAC system can help you create a warm, comfortable, and luxurious environment, making living in the motorhome more bearable, especially during winter. You could start by investing in high-quality HVAC equipment for your RV. Next, check, clean, and replace the air filters regularly to improve the air quality inside your motorhome. Dirt, dust, and debris often accumulate in the filters, compromising airflow. Other RV HVAC system maintenance you should keep up with include:

  • Repairing or replacing a broken condenser
  • Upgrading to a smart thermostat
  • Scheduling regular professional inspections
  1. Inspect the wastewater system

Your camper will serve as your home throughout the vacation, resulting in the accumulation of waste. Ensure the wastewater system is well-maintained to avert the consequences of an inefficient system. This includes valve seizing, operation failure, damaged RV parts, and clogged water systems. To maintain the wastewater system, be sure to: 

  • Regularly inspect the system for accumulated waste
  • Flush the system regularly
  • Use chemicals designed for the RV wastewater system
  • Invest in two separate systems, one for solid waste and the  other for liquid waste


Keeping your camper in excellent condition can save you from expensive repairs and unexpected situations while ensuring your family’s safety throughout the trip. Implement the above strategies to maintain your motorhome and protect your costly investment.

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