The Acura Integra from the Original Fast and Furious Goes on Sale

Photos of Acura Integra

For moviegoers, they must have already known that the latest installment to the Fast and Furious movie series is well underway. In fact, the very first official trailer of the upcoming movie is going to come out very soon. As what we have often seen in the recent installment to the series, the Fast and Furious 7 will be delivering intense, thrilling actions. However, for the true fans of the series, they must still remember how the very first installment, the original Fast and Furious movie, was more about cars than actions. In the original movie, there were plenty of car races for the audience to witness. Speaking of the cars in the first movie, some fans of the series may want to consider making a purchase on an Acura Integra that was used in the movie.

This Acura Integra could be seen in the drag race in which Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) met Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) for the first time ever. Today, this very car has been listed on the world’s most popular auction site, eBay.

Although the GS-R type Acura Integra in question is a 1996 model year, it can’t be taken for granted. Thing is, it has been treated with in-depth modifications, both to its appearance and to its engine compartment. Behind the special livery and custom paint job, the car actually packs a host of fierce engine modifications. Here, we are talking about new camshafts, remarkable lightweight flywheel, outstanding racing clutch, aftermarket exhaust and header package, custom overdrive pulleys for the power steering system and alternator, enlarged throttle body, cam timing gears that are adjustable and a cold air intake. All of these components are to boost the power of the stock 1.8L engine with four inline cylinders.

For those who wonder, as of this moment, the bidding value of the car on eBay is at $50,000.

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