The Acura NSX Won’t Be Too Much Pricier than the Audi R8

The Acura NSX gained a lot of hypes a few years ago when Acura, the luxury division of the Japanese automaker Honda, introduced a prototype of the model. Unfortunately, years have gone by and there is still no concrete NSX model produced by Acura just yet for the customers. Well, for those who have been putting aside some money so that they can afford the NSX when it is finally available massively, there is no need to worry. The head of development for the aforementioned luxury sports car has eventually come up with quite a few new details in respect to the highly anticipated sports car.

As reported by the What Car, quoting the Jalopnik, Ted Klaus, the NSX development head, has revealed that the company is currently striving to obtain just the right level of car acceleration that customers expect to get with their precious money. According to Klaus, it should be on par with the acceleration that Ferrari, a highly reputable Italian automaker, can offer to its customers. Klaus also claims that what the company thinks even more important is that whether or not the car can offer that acceleration level not only on the Nurburgring racetrack but also on the daily city roads.

As of the present, Acura is planning to sell the sports car in question somewhere in the region of $115,900 to match the price of its rival, the Audi R8. However, the engineers at the company have made it clear that they will not bother meeting demands because they believe that the value of the Acura NSX will go up even higher if it becomes quite a rare product. Interestingly enough, the engineers at Acura have also made clear that customers will be able to expect high-performance as well as roadster or convertible variants of the model.

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