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Alfa Romeo delays release of new model lineup from 2018 to 2020

Alfa Romeo, as of right now is in the middle of a global business move that sees them re-launch themselves in the United States automotive market. With the new Giulia Sedan serving as the spearhead to their campaign of getting back into the thick of things, Alfa Romeo is supposed to be launching a total of 8 new models. It has however come to our notice that the completion of their new range of models has been delayed yet again.

The Chinese economy experiencing a bit of a slowdown as well as Alfa Romeo seeing a downward trend in investment in the company are being touted as the two main reasons for this delay. It is now expected that the 8 models are going to be in the market only by Mid-2020. Alfa Romeo are also romping up their distribution network and will likely use this time to ensure that they can focus on a bigger and better eventual launch.

Out of the 8 models by Alfa Romeo, there are going to be two SUVs which have been assigned the working names of Tipo 949 and Tipo 962. Even though both are SUV models, they’re sized and shaped very differently which would serve as a nice choice to prospective buyers. Further, an executive Sedan by the code name of Tipo 961 will be launched as well. A sports car available in both the Spider and Coupe variants, will also be hitting the market and finally, two compact models, one being a replacement to the current Giulietta, will be launched.

Let’s hope there are no further delays!



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