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Renault out with the Sport+ body kit for Trafic

The trafic is a beautiful van produced by Renault and they’ve now come out with something that would help all Trafic enthusiasts and customers give it a fresh, sporty look that makes the van stand out visually by adding an element of style to it.

Referred to as the Sport+ Body-Kit, the kit is universally-compliant with all the variants of the Renault Trafic and appears to derive stylistic inspiration from the Renaultsport range. It’s priced at USD $1,514. The Renault Sport+ Body Kit comes with front and rear spoilers, front-fog light surrounds, running boards for the sides and striped decals that have been designed to fit the curves and contours of the Renault Trafic. It also comes with LED running lights for daytime that are positioned in the lower grille and come in ten color variants.

The side decals come with an option of black, red or white colors, with variations of silver elements being offered for the front spoiler, side running boards as well as the front fog lights. The rear spoiler is only being offered in black at this time, however.

Big ups to Renault for introducing such a nifty add-on which we’re sure will have Trafic customers raring to have a go at it!

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