Does The Aston Martin DBS Make A Good Used Exotic Car?

Everyone knows by now that Aston Martin is an icon of British motoring. It’s a car marque famous around the world, especially as various models got used in the James Bond films! In fact, Daniel Craig made his debut in the starring role driving around in an Aston Martin DBS.

To celebrate that fact, I will today give a brief review of this model that is sadly no longer in production as of 2012. Still, the flip side is that you’re bound to get a bargain on the used car market if you wanted to buy one!


Source: Wikimedia Commons

I’m told that the Aston Martin DBS took inspiration from the DBR9 Le Mans racing car. The DBS was, unofficially, a replacement for the first-generation Vanquish. So, without further ado, let me tell you about the finer details of this car and why you would want to have one sitting in your driveway.

It’s a Bond car

You might not realize it, but one of the reasons for this model’s popularity is because it got used as a Bond car! As you can imagine, such a notable fact means that the value of this car on the used vehicle market remains strong.

From an economic perspective, you’re seldom likely to suffer from a lot of depreciation if you buy a pristine example. From an image perspective, you will be the epitome of cool as you drive around in one!

Of course, if you can’t afford one, you could always “borrow” one from an exotic car rentals company. Still, if you’ve got the cash spare, it’s just as good an automotive investment as buying a classic car like the Jaguar E-Type.


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It packs a punch

The Aston Martin DBS isn’t just about looks, you know! Under the hood is a powerful 5.9-liter V12 that boasts 510 horsepower as standard! It’s the same motor as the one found in the DB9, but it offers an extra 60 hp.

With a top speed of 191 mph, it is sure to satisfy anyone’s need for speed. Obviously I don’t recommend doing such speeds on public roads! But, if you can book the car into a racing circuit, you can fully experience what this car’s motor has to offer.

It handles like a go-kart

Even though the DBS was never meant to be a track car, it can certainly hold its own on a racing circuit. The steering feels weighted and offers the right amount of feedback. And when you drive around, you can’t help but notice how stiff the chassis feels.

There is little body roll with this car, especially when you go around a corner at speed. That is quite a surprise, given the Aston Martin DBS rolls around on 20-inch alloy wheels! Still, the tires fitted to them feel super slick.

It stops

Brakes are obviously an essential part of any vehicle, regardless of marque. With such a high-performance motor under the hood, the car needs a good brake setup. The Aston Martin DBS is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes as standard, ensuring your weighty vehicle stops when you so desire.

So, now that you know how brilliant this car is, when are you going to buy one?

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