Aston Martin Range Could be Expanded to Seven Models

Chief executive Andy Palmer is leading the Aston Martin Company and planned to enhance their services which will be right at the top as compare to present product. Unofficially it was revealed that, marque’s range will deliver more than six models in future. Andy Palmer said that, “Aston Martin team is focusing to explore the V8 and V12 hyper engine which also includes the automatic electric and hybrid model”.

In future, all V8 and V12 power engine will probably be used in battery-electric cars Andy Palmer believe that innovation at every decade will move to the success end and announced that more than 6000 unit to be deliver every year.

DBX and Lagonda is the best business model which allows them to keep it as an example for succeeded hyper car. From this it can be concluded that Andy Palmer is the right leader to execute the Aston Martin to produce innovative hyper car and take their company to the next level.

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