Aston Martin relies on an SUV to drive its future

aston martin db11

The arrival of Aston Martin’s DBX sport utility vehicle in 2019 could result in more than double sales of the automaker by early next years, its CEO informed Reuters.

The companys’s arrival into the fast-growing super-premium SUV market “definitely changes business,” Andy Palmer stated in an interview in the United States.

It could improve sales to as numerous as 12,000 vehicles a year by early in the next decades, more than double the approximately 5,000 sports cars the company anticipates to sell worldwide this year, he forecast. Aston Martin’s earlier peak sales year was 2007, when it sold 7,300 automobiles prior the financial crisis.

Palmer said U.S. sales could reach about 1,300 cars in 2017, moved by the new DB11 model. “I am not claiming success,” he stated. Aston’s goal is to get more than 2,000 cars a year in the United States.

The DBX will be a four-door SUV developed to take on models including Volkswagen AG’s Bentley Bentayga, a $229,000-and-up vehicle billed by its company as “the fastest SUV ever built”.

The DBX’s design “is complete”, Palmer informed, and the factory needs to be developing prototypes before the start of 2019.

Aston Martin, the preferred drive of James Bond, the fictional British spy, is late to join the SUV mania grasping the global luxury car business.

The financial incentives are apparent. In the United States, SUVs represented almost 40 percent of total U.S. vehicle sales in last year, rise of 32.6 percent in 2014, and super-premium models are among the fastest growing segments.

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