Aston Martin Teases the Vulcan

The Geneva Motor Show event scheduled for this year is going to take place in quite no time at all. The event in question will kick off early in March and considering this is already February, the wait really should not be too long now. Nonetheless, the British automotive marquee that goes by the name Aston Martin just can wait no more to tease car enthusiasts with its new vehicle model. The company has teased what it calls the Vulcan ahead of the aforementioned automotive expo. The company has released an official video teasing the vehicle onto the internet.

Uniquely, yet at the same time strangely, enough, the video clip does not actually show any parts of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is possible for viewers of the teaser video clip to actually hear what the engine of the vehicle will sound like. As a matter of fact, that may as well be the point of the teaser, for viewers to hear the engine revving as the vehicle acceleration is pushed to the boundaries.

It is true that this teaser video clip does not reveal too much about the upcoming British vehicle. However, it seems as if Aston Martin will be focusing the vehicle for track use only. After all, the teaser video clip most likely shows the car being driven on a racetrack.

Well, one thing to keep in mind, though, is that this does not necessarily mean a mass production version of the vehicle will not be available. The thing is, there has yet to be any official information but the teaser from Aston Martin. Yet again, since the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner, more official information should be coming soon.

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